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Community Service Information

Community Service is a requirement at Calvary Chapel Junior High School.


The purpose of a community service project is to develop leadership by helping those who are in need in our community.



  • Community Service is under the Bible Department. This will be entered into the gradebook as 5% of their overall grade each semester.
  • Students must complete 4 hours per semester/8 per year.
  • The form is posted on the Bible classes Google Classroom pages. Students will be allowed to fill out the form as many times as necessary.
  • The final day to turn in the 1st semester community service form into Google Classroom is Wednesday, January 19th and Wednesday, June 8th for 2nd semester.
  • Summer community service hours can be turned in and logged towards your service hours.


Guideline Do's;

  • Students may serve at any church or non-profit ministry (soup kitchens, homeless ministries, etc.) 
  • Students may serve youth athletic programs (volunteering as a referee, assisting with practices, etc.) 
  • Students serve with an organization to help clean up our beaches or parks


Guideline Don’ts;

  • Students may not do any work for a for-profit corporation, business or do anything for payment. 
  • Students may not receive service hours for donating money, groceries, clothing or unwanted items. 




Listen to the morning announcements for other upcoming opportunities.