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CCMS Science/Technology

International Space Station - CCMS Apprentice Program

Purpose: To expose students to the International Space Station Program and train them to become future members

Program Coordinator: Ms. Mel Kuebler: HS Science teacher, CCS Science Department Lead, International Space Station Program Coordinator

Contact info: undefined [email protected]

Who can join: Any and All Middle School Students

What you will do: Support our space team members by

  • Attend a once a week after school class where you will work with your mentor(s) on program specific projects
  • Work on heat transfer experiments similar to what the astronauts are doing on the space station
  • Learn to make circuits
  • Learn to code
  • 3D printing basics
  • Basic chemistry and lab safety
  • Physics of space

What you will get from the program:

  • Assigned  high school student mentor to work with and learn from
  • Mentorship from STEAM staff members
  • Experience to be prepared to join the space program immediately upon entry to high school - no recommendations required!
  • Hands on experience with a specially designed Quest for Space Kit
  • Involvement in an exciting STEAM team community
  • Launch information / opportunity to view the launch with the team

Cost of the program: $200.00 per 5 week session. All proceeds go directly to the space team and materials used during the program.

Program dates: Choose from one or more of the following sessions: 

All Classes are after School in H202 from 3:00 - 4:00            

FALL: Week of 10/16 - 11/13 WINTER 2: Week of 2/26 - 3/28 

WINTER 1: Week of 1/15 - 2/15 SPRING: Week of 4/8 - 5/10 

How to join: Fill out the Jotform and you will be sent additional information